Why Mac is So Much Better than Any Other Pc

5 reasons why a Mac is better than a PC

There continue to be lots of exceptionally logical motives to select a Mac running Mac OS X over a Windows PC, while PCs may function as the most widely used computer platform in the world. as you know, that Max Os is based on Linux Os, so it must give you a better performance, rather than any other windows Pc like Windows 7 , 8 , etc. Secondly, Apple Is optimizing their Hardware for better performance very well.

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A Mac is better than a PC:

1. Macs make folks happy

Macs can leave you more happy and much more productive than you’d have been if you’d purchased a Windows system, and you also can’t underestimate the feeling that you got great value for money even though a Mac is never the cheapest option.

Macs are straightforward to use and trustworthy (they are not bulletproof, however they do tend to be steady), which is why they have scored the highest in customer satisfaction surveys for the last decade.

2. Useful software comes pre-loaded

It’s not. What you get on most new PCs and laptops is a bunch of crapware that you almost definitely do not desire.

A Mac arrives with the useful iLife suite already installed, allowing you to edit videos as well as pictures in addition to make music. In addition you get a good email client and access to the on-line programs that are iWork.

3. No security headaches

Mac owners might have cause for anxiety if cybercriminals decide to attack OS X with the same ferocity with which they’ve targeted Windows for many years.

4. Hardware software = great worth

One criticism levelled at Macs is the fact that they’re overly pricey. However, Apple uses only top-quality components, which often compare favourably against PCs at a cost that is similar. Add to the very fact that Apple optimises both hardware and (already mentioned) software to get the most from a machine, and you end up getting a machine that feels great looks fantastic and runs great. That is good value in our novel.
Why a Mac is better than a PC

5. The Trackpad

While Windows 8 was created around a touchscreen interface, Apple has kept Mac OS dedicated to keyboard and mouse input signal. The sheer range of simple-to-use trackpad gestures make browsing OS X quick and friendly.

So this was the Final Guide on A Mac is better than a PC.

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